7 rules of life, modified by coach John Wooden

  1. Be true to yourself. Don’t try to be better than anyone else, try to be the best version of yourself.
  2. Try your hardest and make the most of each day. Be able to look back on each day and say to yourself “I made a difference, I did good”.
  3. Help others. Anyone needs help in understanding this point, you’re are on the wrong page.
  4. Read and learn. More than 140 character tweets. Constantly sharpen the sword.
  5. Develop deep relationships. Take guidance from Obama’s parting speech and develop relationships with human, face to face (a radical concept I know) and not just through social networks.
  6. Build a shelter against a rainy day. Don’t live on the edge financially. Make sure you can survive a few hiccups.
  7. Pray for guidance and give thanks every day. If you are not religious, contemplate the day, celebrate what you did well, learn from what you could have done differently. Get a mentor.

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