Japanese proverbs tell us that we each have a unique path to follow.  When we set off in life we don’t normally know what this path will be.  And it’s important to think of this in all aspects of life and not just your professional career – see my blog post The Olympics of Life.  We only get one turn at this path, so it’s important that you give it your best shot.

As it shows in the graphic, the path of life is not always plain sailing.  But the reality is that the path that contains challenges, that tests us, that presents us with unforeseen issues is also the one that brings the most enjoyment and satisfaction.  Its also the one  where we are more likely to experience deeper love, stronger friendships and spiritual fulfillment.

From time to time the more challenging journey will make you feel inadequate, you will want to escape and you will look at other people’s paths with envy.  This is normal.  But ultimately a complete waste of time.  Everyone is different.  Your path is your own.  You must make of it what you can.  This is why so many people who win the lottery are miserable, because they are thrown into a different path and are incapable of changing or adapting.

Again the Japanese proverbs tell us what to do.  Walk.  Place one foot in front of another.  Keep moving.  Take each day at a time, learning from the last, planning the next.  Be ready to capture experiences and take opportunities.  Always try to be a better version of yourself, not someone else, from one day to the next.  But all of this is only possible if you move.  Walk.  Go forwards.  Do.



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