Welcome to my blog.  Fitness and training are my passion.  You’ll see it develop throughout these posts.

My current objectives are to compete in the Sant Cugat 5km race, part of the half marathon race day on 23rd October and then to compete in the Sant Cugat Cros, a cross country race just over the 5km distance.

Last year I had a goal of going under 22 minutes in both races.  In the 5km road race I clocked 20:59 and completely stunned myself.  You can see a little of the pain in my face in the picture above.  However in the Cros I set off way too fast, and being a more undulating course I ran out of steam and posted 23:14.  Even at 48 years old, we learn from every race!

So this year the time objectives are to go under 21 mins for the road race, and 22 mins for the Cros.  Getting the pace right is everything.  I’ve got about 6 weeks to get ready.  Today I ran a 6.5km tempo is 29:30.  Bang on where I was last year but a much better balanced run.  In this part of my blog you can follow how I prepare for two races.

One slight twist.  I’ve read hundreds of 5k training plans for intermediate, advanced runners etc.  I haven’t seen one  yet for 50 year old runners.  I’m 49 now and my body wont put up with 30km of running each week.  Not at 5km race pace.  You’ll see a different approach here.  Let me know what you think or send ideas.


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