On 21st October my training routine will make a radical change


Sunday is the annual 5k race that takes place just before the half marathon in Sant Cugat where we live. The 5k course is fast, starting with a gentle downhill for the first km. The uphill parts are also gentle. Last year, aged 48, I clocked 20m59s in my first ever 5km race. Previously (and we are talking 26 years previously) I was racing over 100, 200 and 400m. A slight pause and a slight change. However I will note that Seb Coe, who was arguably Britain’s best ever middle distance runner prior to Mo Farrar, one the 400m at the British university races a few years before me. So I’m not the first to switch over and have success, although Seb did it slightly earlier in his career and with slightly more success.

Anyway I’m looking forward to the race to see how I compare to last year. Each year it is harder to improve and maintaining the intensity of training is difficult. I have done really well for leg injuries throughout my entire 38 years of running (I only started at 11 years old), however now I find a lot more calf and Achilles soreness and the warm up needs to be ever longer.

So after Sunday the training plan will change. I am feeling pulled in two completely different directions. Ultra-distance and gruelling death race style competitions are very appealing, but I will not dedicate the time to the training at the cost of time with my family. So I’m going to give in to the complete opposite and try to reverse the attrition of muscle and increase sprint training.

At the moment I am 68kg at 15% body fat, that’s 10kg of fat!!!

The goal is to get to 73kg and 12% fat. That’s a drop of 1.5kg of fat and a gain of 6.5kg of muscle.

In old money that means at the moment I am 150lb at 15% body fat, 22.5lb of fat.

The goal is to get to 160lb and 12% fat. That’s a drop of 3lb of fat and a gain of 14lb of muscle.

At the same time I intend to increase sprint speed/stamina. The target is a 200m run in 26 seconds.

Here’s the plan: all weights sessions are 5-7 sets per exercise, 6-8 reps per set. And heavy.

My guess is that after the first 2 weeks I will change this quite a bit, based on feedback from my body! Let me know your thoughts.
Week 1
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Legs Sprints Shoulders Sprints Legs
Chest   Back   Chest
Triceps   Biceps   Triceps
Week 2
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Shoulders Sprints Legs Sprints Shoulders
Back   Chest   Back
Biceps   Triceps   Biceps






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