Why do I blog about training and fitness?

I’m 49 years old, next April I will hit the big 5 – 0.  Luckily I have always done some form of exercise.  As a kid I did anything and everything.  I’ve trained and raced on a track alongside some real champions.  I’ve also been out of action for 6 months after a back operation for 6 months at the tender age of 26.  But I count myself as very fortunate.  Despite all of the aches and pains that most sportspeople take as part of everyday life, I can still participate in any and every sport I want to do.

I took up playing rugby at 44 years old.  I did my first ever 5km race at 48 years old.  A Spartan is beckoning.  Maybe this is my mid-life crisis!

What hit home was last year when I joined a gym. For several years I had not been a member of a gym and home-based sessions with a pair of dumbbells was all the workout I was doing.  And I could see the muscle waste before my very eyes and it wasn’t good.  Obviously despite having been a gym-rat off and on for a lot of years, I still needed to have a session with a personal fitness trainer.  This guy was good.  I learnt some stuff from him, that’s for sure.  But he was 25 years old.  His body’s capacity to train and recover is different to mine.  He probably doesn’t get up every night to go to the bathroom!  He cannot possibly have that level of empathy and understand the training needs of someone a generation older.

And let’s face it, I don’t need anyone to motivate me to go out and train my guts out.  I have unlimited motivation and drive for this area of my life. It is a true passion.

So I’m here to show people that a normal guy, not a pro-athlete, can keep going and have really good fun up to and in to the fifties.  I will continue to post my training plan and what I achieve. And if anyone wants help with a routine either to get into it or get to the next level, drop me a line.



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