The start of a new week. No big meetings, business travel or executive dinners planned to get in the way of a full week of training. The focus is now on speed/endurance for the 5k race on 23rd October.  1 month to go.  Sounds like a long time but it will fly.

Training plan for the week:

Monday: 5k time trial.  √

Tuesday: Gym full body √

Wednesday: Intervals, 6 x 1km √

Thursday: pace run, 7km

Friday: HIIT, including 6 x 500m

Saturday/Sunday will be active recovery with the kids!

Thursday/Friday:  as I said in a previous blog, I’m not as young as I used to be. I hit the wall.  Rest day Thursday and went out for an easy tempo run Friday.  Which was, by the way, perfect.  Felt 1000 times better after it.  Maybe a little training over the weekend if I can get my son, Pablo, out to do something.  Lets see.  It was a good week.  My body feels like it has done some real effort.  Happy with the times.  Looking forward to next week.

Wednesday:  killed it!  5 x 1km, in 4m15s, 4m, 4m, 4m, 3m55s.  1 minute jog recovery (which I kept to pretty well).  Didn’t go for the 6th km as I could tell I had achieved the goal. Live to fight another day!

Tuesday:  hit the gym. The gym hit me!  Big spasm in my back, not the first time.  Out with the foam roller and all seems ok for now.  Still managed a good workout and 24 hours later the biceps and triceps are feeling really good.

Monday started ok. I set my Garmin watch at 4m20s lap pace for the time trial, thinking I would be able to beat the time. I came in at 21m41s. So ok, but feeling like I should have done better.

Let’s look to the positives:

  1. I was bang on the timing.
  2. I managed to hold back from killing myself on the first and last laps – kept reminding myself it’s a training session not a race. I have a good sprint finish no matter what my state, so confident that I can take 15 seconds out of the final lap anyway.
  3. Finished overall tired but not dead! A lot to build on for the next month.

Looking forward to the next 4 days of intensive training!


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