This week has been tough.  At work we had the quarterly 3 day executive meeting which makes keeping to a training plan especially difficult.  On top, it’s a wall to wall food-fest and my will-power during the long days is not high.

Tuesday started well with a 5.5km run.  The first 2km are flat and serve as a good warm up.  Then there is a severe hill that goes upwards for 1.5km followed by an undelating descent.  The ascending kms are done 90 seconds slower than the descnding parts, to give you an idea of the gradient.  A good run, and I went 1 minute faster than the previous time.

Wednesday was a gym workout.  Total body, medium weights, high energy.  300 reps in about 40 mins.

Friday was a HIIT session in 2 parts.

Part1:  400m run, 20 KB swings, 10 pull ups, 20 dips. Repeat 3 times.

Part2: 400m run, 10 bicep curls, 10 skull crushers with dumbells.

That was very hard work and a superb all over body conditioner.

Not a big week for running.  Next week back to full swing, starting Sunday.

Let me know your thoughts.



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